Labor law

Torres Lindsey labor law practice covers a broad range of services from basic labor law consulting and conducting legal audits to securing compliance with Federal labor law and Mexican official norms, drafting and negotiating of employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements, appearing before the Attorney General’s Office for Defense of Workers, to implementing strategic litigation on behalf of patrons before local and federal labor boards of conciliation and arbitration throughout the country.

Torres Lindsey also advises clients in the process of proper layoff execution and court-approved settlement agreements with workers, strikes by unions, patronal substitutions and compliance with subpoenas issued by the Department of Labor, at either the state or the federal level.

Our labor law practice sets its goals on minimizing our clients’ contingencies and risks, that’s why our service keenly focuses on paying particular attention to adopting prevention strategies rather than correction measures.

Torres Lindsey labor law practitioners are not only bound by the highest ethical standards, but are also committed to providing premier services to national and international clients doing business in Mexico, keeping them constantly informed and updated.

Our attorneys frequently lecture on forums and symposia on sensitive issues of labor law, including the recent Labor law reform.