Civil & Commercial Litigation in Mexico

The attorneys of Torres Lindsey have extensive experience with complex civil and commercial litigation at the state and federal court levels throughout Mexico. They have represented clients as plaintiffs, defendants, and interested third parties, in a variety of civil law actions: claims of both void and voidable actions (nulidad abosoluta and nulidad relativa); actions for specific performance, breach, and rescission; and all types of claims for damages and costs. Torres Lindsey litigators have successfully prosecuted claims based on complex theories of tort liability (responsabilidad civil), both contractual as well as non-contractual, and within this latter category, have pursued claims based on both strict as well as subjective liability (responsabilidad objetiva vs. sujetiva). Torres Lindsey attorneys are also successful pioneers in the use of the new oral advocacy procedure available in local landlord tenant disputes.

Torres Lindsey’s experience in commercial law matters is equally broad. The firm’s attorneys have advised both Mexican and foreign financial institutions in the collection of secured and unsecured debt, as documented both in sophisticated financing structures as well as simple negotiable instruments. They have advised insurers and insureds in the assessment and negotiation of liability, and the subrogation of claims. Torres Lindsey litigators have also represented corporate defendants in the defense of claims against a variety of corporate actions including mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. And, they have counseled clients in the judicial termination and re-issuance of corporate obligations. Similarly, they have represented defaulting bond issuers in the re-negotiation and payment of credit obligations.

Torres Lindsey attorneys have participated in insolvency proceedings under Mexico´s new bankruptcy law, and have advised numerous clients, including other law firms, in the structuring and negotiation of transactions involving the purchase and sale of assets subject to litigation, the assignment of litigation rights, the re-structuring of debt, and the drafting of covenants designed to withstand judicial scrutiny on appeal.