Administrative & Tax Litigation in Mexico

Torres Lindsey regularly advises institutional clients regarding the appeal of administrative acts in a variety of areas such as tax disputes, and has successfully managed controversies involving income, value added, and property taxes, as well as claims related to unfair registration fees. The firm has also challenged acts deriving from laws and regulations related to urban development, zoning, environmental regulation, and intellectual and industrial property, and successfully appealed administrative sanctions, such as fines, closures, and other acts affecting the use and enjoyment of rights related to public licenses and concessions. Similarly, the firm has represented private clients in claims for the enforcement of public works contracts, and the analysis of the liability of public servants.

Torres Lindsey attorneys have successfully challenged administrative actions, based on their inherent illegality, as well as the constitutionality of the laws and regulations on which they are founded. In the process, the firm’s attorneys have confronted governmental agencies at all three levels of government, local, state, and federal, and made constitutional claims at all levels of federal court, including Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice. The attorneys of Torres Lindsey have overturned a number of laws and regulations as unconstitutional, and participated in a variety of published opinions that now form a part of Mexico’s jurisprudential foundation.